Allergan Information


Please note that all our products are baked fresh onsite in our bakery, which handle ingredients used to make all our products. While we do have processes in place to minimise the risk of cross-contamination, we have small kitchens and do not have segregated production lines, so cross-contamination of ingredients is possible. 

All our kitchens handle all the main allergens of dairy, nuts, peanuts, gluten (wheat), egg, sesame, sulphites and soya.

If you have a serious allergy to any of these allergens, or one which could cause you to have a major allergic reaction, sadly the only way for you to be 100% safe is not to consume any of our products. 

Information for Coeliacs

The gluten free cake/ cupcakes are made with gluten free and non gluten containing ingredients, however, our bakery handle ingredients containing gluten.

In the interests of your health and wellbeing, dnk cupcakes does not claim gluten free products to be gluten-free. If you require further information on the ingredients used in our gluten free products, please contact us prior to making an order 

Vegetarian/ Vegan

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians unless otherwise specified. There is no gelatine in our products, our food colourings do not contain any animal products in them, and we do not use cheese that contains rennet in any of our products. We however do use eggs that are widely accepted as vegetarian food source. If you do not eat eggs please order vegan cakes/ cupcakes that are eggless

Religious Dietary Information

None of our products are certified Halal or Kosher. We use alcohol based flavorings in our products. 


We have a vegan option available, and a more limited range available in stall at the Fremantle markets. Please be assured that we also are aware that some sprinkles and cake decorations are not vegan friendly, and we will not put any of those onto the tops of our vegan goodies. We want to ensure that vegans get the same quality taste as our non-vegan products, and we will try not to charge more for vegan products than our non-vegan range. Sometimes vegan substitutes are more expensive, but we’re getting good at sourcing non-dairy and eggless alternatives for a keen price.